Thursday, August 6, 2009

Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization

What is globalization and what are some of its advantages and disadvantages?

In recent decades, globalization has been defined as an economic force driving worldwide economic integration and the expanding of businesses beyond their domestic borders. The worldwide trend of diminishing trade barriers, increased technology, and reduced shipping costs have promoted a prosperous era of world trade. Companies are no longer limited to their domestic boundaries and may conduct business anywhere in the world. Some benefits of globalization include lower prices and job creation.

Manufacturing activities can be performed where labor and supplies are cheapest leading to reduced consumer costs. Jobs can be created in poorer economies that eventually lead to prosperous economic growth. Yet the effects of job creation and globalization are like a double edged sword. Jobs often are eliminated in countries with higher costs and out-sourced to countries with lower cost structures.

This has been viewed as one of the main disadvantages of globalization and a point of contention between employees of multinational companies. However, many of these benefits continue to outweigh its disadvantages therefore the world will continue to see globalization rise as a powerful global economic force.

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