Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fixed Costs and Variable Costs Examples

The following are examples of fixed costs and variable costs:
  • Indirect labor- fixed costs could be variable under certain circumstances
  • Indirect materials- variable costs
  • Insurance on building- fixed costs
  • Depreciation on building (straight-line)- fixed costs
  • Overtime premium pay- variable costs
  • Property taxes- fixed costs
  • Polishing compounds- variable costs
  • Depreciation on machinary (based on machine hours used)- variable costs
  • Employer's payroll taxes- variable costs
  • Machine lubricants- variable costs
  • Employees' hospital insurance (paid by employer)- fixed costs
  • Labor for machine repairs- variable costs
  • Vacation pay- variable costs
  • Patent amortization- fixed costs
  • Janitor's wages- fixed costs
  • Rent- fixed costs
  • Factory electricity- fixed costs
  • Plant manager's salary- fixed costs

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