Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Characteristics of Multinational Manager

Below is a list and description of five characteristics that some experts believe that the next generation of successful multinational managers must have:

i. The most important characteristic of a successful multinational manger is a global mindset. Managers must realize how international business is changing rapidly and know how to react to these changes. Their mindset must be to think globally yet act locally. This attitude contributes greatly to a firms success in international markets.

ii. Having a long-range perspective is also very important for managers. Predicting trends in advance and acting on them will give companies a significant competitive advantage. A Manger must ask themselves what will the situation be ten years down the road?

iii. Managing change is another important skill that separates good and bad managers. Realizing that change is occurring and what it means is essential to act quickly in diversified global markets.

iv. In a global environment, motivating all employees to achieve excellence is necessary for success of the firm. Challenges may arise when transcending national borders and it is important for the international manger to know how to act in these situations with a diversified work force.

v. A willingness to seek overseas assignments is also a must for successful management. There could be many situations where a manger is reluctant to transfer to a foreign country. This will adversely affect how they view their job and how much effort they will put into their work.

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